Who are we?

Optiflex is a BBBEE IT Solutions, Services, Security and Consulting Firm. At Optiflex, we believe a theory will remain theory until there is a specific action. Furthermore, the action is required to be converted into an outcome. We do not stop at talking strategy; we conceptualize, test and execute the very strategies that we create. In other words, Optiflex offers an end to end capability of technology consulting to its clients. Our experience covers Consulting Services, Strategic Risk Management and Business Assurance Services, IT Services, Outsourcing Services and Training Services.

Ever changing process and people environment force government / businesses to evolve and adapt as rapidly as possible. Change requires continuous innovation and flexible systems in place. Innovation in business model and processes is the key driver to excellent service offering, sustainable competitive advantage, and profitability.

We at Optiflex help our clients to conceptualize and simulate the changes by providing them with the flexible scalable IT roadmap that helps them to lead the way even while facing challenges.

Optiflex has setup defined methodologies that seek to improve the business and process performance of organizations, information technology and business process service providers. We seek solutions for clients to help them in areas such as creating life enhancing services for the citizenry, managing risk, improving efficiency and productivity, reducing cost, accelerating revenue growth, improving bottom line among others. Additionally, our delivery models help us to plan, estimate and execute our solutions within time, quality and cost parameters through a process of rigorous estimation methodologies and a robust project management strategy

Be it consulting, technology solutions or training, our employees and associates have honed their strategic, operational skills and knowledge across Government and Industry in business, process and information technology. They are thus able to effectively address client requirements and deliver required outcomes

Our Company Model

Optiflex IT services focuses on delivering value to Government, NGO and Business alike. Optiflex helps clients maximize the desired / business results from mission-critical and large-scale IT initiatives, beginning with defining the business / policy goals and proper set up all the way to implementation and ensuring extended success. Proactively managing policy, business and IT activities in concert with each other is required to ensure results will equal or exceed expectations.

We undertake this by defining a target operating model in line with the firm's business and IT vision and seek to arrive at improved performance with clearly defined financial / policy / service benefits.

We accomplish this through:

  • Assessment of Government, Business and IT organizations and their underlying strategies, application stack, portfolio of programmes and projects, resources and operating models that govern the framework
  • Designing target solutions that incorporate industry best practices and our expertise with a view to reduce costs and risk whilst improving quality and delivery
  • Developing an execution methodology with superior project management culminating in realization of agreed benefits

  • Our work with leaders across Government, industries and regions has allowed us to identify four key elements that create the right set up for IT program success. The key that unlocks success across a transformative IT project; the work of a rigorous, disciplined and smooth-running program management organization.

After all said and done, the ultimate goal is to digitally enable every citizen in the globally interconnected world.